KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 5 (City Tour Part 1)

Day 2 of the trip took us to the MAHA VIHARA DUTA MAITREYA LAUGHING BUDDHA TEMPLE – the largest Buddhist Temple in South East Asia.  There are many statues of the Laughing Buddha scattered in a round the prayer halls.  

After that we dropped by a shop/resident selling the famous Indonesian layer cake, Kueh Lapis.  We saw how the cake was made in the front yard of a bungalow type house.  We could place an order for the cake and it would be delivered to us wherever we might be but me and sis didn’t order because the cake didn’t taste like the traditional Kueh Lapis, more like butter cake. 

Enjoy the pics 🙂

5 thoughts on “KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 5 (City Tour Part 1)”

  1. What an intersting trip youseem to have had Judy xx

  2. I so need vacations and after seeing your pics I need them even more 😉

  3. Love the laughing Buddha. As Susanna would say, “I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of him!”

  4. More of your travels…Just love the pics..feels almost like I am there…Looks like the statues of Buddha take him from young and slimmer to an older Buddha somewhat over weight….lol….Love the one with the hat…Someone had a real sense of humor when sculpting them…The white statues really do make you laugh when looking at them…

    Thanks Judy

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