KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 2…Batam at last!

Part 2 – Batam at last!

After about 45 minutes of smooth sailing at the lower deck, we reached Sekupang Ferry Terminal.  We cleared customs in less than 30 minutes even though there were many people in the queue.  Then it’s off in search of our driver but it was no problem.  The problem lies with a couple who for some reasons took a long time to clear customs.  Then it was off to KTM Resort and Spa Villa.  Yay!

The ride was only about 10 minutes or less but it was up a hilly slope with lots of bumps along the way.  Stef kept complaining that her stomach would soon be emptied on the van if we didn’t reach the resort soon enough.  We did reach it before she threw up, thank Gott!

It didn’t take us long to check in at the counter.  While we waited for Lina to check in for us, we were served cool lychee drinks that was simply yummy.  Funny how no one realised it was lychee drink until I told them 😛  Stef was going, “Tastes good…like barley but not really barley…” LOL

The resort restaurant was huge and was surrounded by the sea.  We’ll come back to that later.  Now it was time to check into our cottages but only one was ready, the other was still occupied because the check-out time was twelve noon and we were there at around 9am.  But before we trudged off in search of our cottages, the resort driver (who drove us there) offered to drive us there.  See how friendly and helpful the people there are?  We declined the offer though because we wanted to recce the place.  It proved a bad decision because firstly, the weather was sweltering hot; secondly, we took the long route and had to climb a long flight of stairs from the foot of the hill.

We passed the sea-water swimming pool as we walked the grounds.  It was like what other reviewers had said, not well-maintained.  Not only was the water green, the tiles looked greenish too.  Not surprising then that there was no swimmers the few times we passed by the pool.

Then we looked up and there they were, the beach front villas built on stilts by the side of the hill.  It was low tide when we got there so the villas didn’t seem like it was near the water at all.  These villas are built for couples.  2 villas share a balcony.  I read that it’s so small that you have to give way to each other if you want to get to the other side of the room.

The flight of stairs was a killer…remember we are all not so young couples anymore so by the time we reached the top of the stairs, a few of us were breathless!  Hubby was grumbling about the heat and the climb, lamenting his not-so-young physique all the way up the stairs.  Raymond was panting when he reached the top.  All of us were cursing when we realised we took the long route, that actually, there was a shorter flight of stairs that led directly to our cottage 503.

Our cottages, 503 and 502, faced each other and together with 501, shared a small area joined by a footpath built over a pond filled with beautiful koi fish, black african cichlids and a turtle.

Cottage 502 wasn’t ready so we all rested in 503.  Boiled water, put the canned drinks we bought into the mini fridge, checked out the 2 bedrooms.  Me and hubby took the smaller bedroom with 2 single beds.  Lina, her hubby and his buddy shared the bigger room with a double bed and an extra bed was set up later for the friend.  There was a bathroom and a tv in each of the rooms.  Thankfully the rooms were clean and neat and not run-down as reported by some reviews.  But my room was dimly lit with only a small decorative lamp on the wall at the head of the beds.  Maybe it was because we had the curtains down over our windows.

Hubby loves houses or apartments with balconies so the first thing he did was to sit at the balcony and order a cup of coffee…guess who had to serve him?  I went down the cottage from the stairs at the balcony and took pictures after my serving duty was done.  Cottage 503 was convenient in the sense that we just had to climb down the stairs from the balcony and then another short flight of stairs from the landing took us to the playground where the 9 dragons fengsui fountain was.  Further beyond that was the reception area to the right, the pool to the left.

Hubby and I both took a nap while the others chattered away in the living room.  I woke up to loud noises from the living room.  Kok was sharing stories of weird happenings he experienced in the hotels he stayed in during business trips.  Not a good story to share in a strange place!  The dimly lit room was spooky enough for me but of course I didn’t tell them.  Thankfully I had Juliurs with me for protection 😛

next up: Part 3…lunch and a certain visitor from the sea…

2 thoughts on “KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 2…Batam at last!”

  1. Judy,
    liked the cottages with the big porches..and thought the walk with the water pools filled with koi was really imaginative…the carved chairs in the lobby were beautiful…But most of all I loved Juliurs on the bed…lol…Now for the stairs…I could have only made it up them if they served oxyen half way up them…So congratulations to all of you for making the climb..If only once..


  2. I agree with Joan about the climb. We have been alking up hills in Lisbon…Sarina was complainin how much her calves were aching hen we left. You are younger and fitter so hopefully you did not suffer anybafter effects. Hope you enjoy your stay….looks lovely xx

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