KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 6 (City Tour Part 2)

KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 6 (final series)

I thought I’d posted this last part of the KTM Resort and Spa Villa series but apparently I didn’t, and it’s been more than a year ago that this trip took place!  Sorry about that 😛

For those who are still interested…here it is:

This was taken on during our lunch at 933 Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant which was part of the itinerary of our tour.  We were first taken to the souvenir shop just beside the restaurant which was built with wood and stood above a pond filled with fish.  It’s like a kelong (an offshore platform) although I doubt the place has any fishing facility.


IMG_2962 IMG_2951



The food wasn’t spectacular but for the price we paid for this whole trip, it was alright.  I didn’t like the carp though.  Probably because it’s a freshwater fish it’s got a muddy smell.

IMG_2949 IMG_2947


For a seafood restaurant, the prawns they served was miserly…very small.  Look at the one sitting atop my plate of rice…


Part of the lunch - shells of gong-gong
Part of the lunch – shells of gong-gong

Besides the carp and prawns, there were green vegetables, shellfish (gong-gong), and some other dishes which I can’t remember (well, it’s been more than a year!).  Anyway, the meal as I said isn’t spectacular but for the price we paid, they’re alright.

After lunch we were taken to the nearby pavilion where there was a cultural show performance.  There was the traditional dance and black-magic performance like glass-eating, jumping through fire, teeth-tearing coconut husks…to name a few of the performances.  At the end of that, you’re allowed to take photos with the performers and even don some of the costumes for it but you need to pay.

IMG_2967 IMG_3048 IMG_3047 IMG_3049 IMG_2965 IMG_3050

After the show we were taken to the Indonesia-Batam Miniature Park where we saw many different types of houses of all 32 Indonesian provinces, in mini sizes.  There were so many that I couldn’t snap them all so here are a few of them:

303443_3740343624131_893906229_n 380575_3740349264272_1243832763_n 389649_3740350144294_1624165047_n 485151_3740343904138_834155813_n 527872_3740342864112_1521459845_n 534076_3740347904238_667184244_n 536302_3740346464202_279060201_n 562809_3740349544279_1816237520_n 564376_3740344384150_390188609_n 575044_3740345224171_476833980_n

The more adventurous could go for the go-kart ride or try to flying fox, the facilities were just next door to this miniature park.

After the park, we were taken to Batam Centre for a spot of shopping.  On our way there, we saw another type of housing that the miniature park failed to exhibit…slum houses.

523190_3740350624306_2028451676_n 576047_3740351024316_544496660_n

It was said that the majority of people living in Batam are illegal squatters, that the land belongs to the government and these people just built their houses there without the government’s approval.  Seeing the condition of these houses, you can understand why many of the women chose the path of vice, willingly becoming mistresses of the slightly richer old men from Singapore.  This is how the island acquired the nickname, the Land of Mistresses, according to our tour guide.

At the Batam Centre…

579396_3740351624331_1730601888_n 575029_3740352064342_1966150849_n 564231_3740352864362_1263174290_n 535555_3740352464352_1002434246_n

Batam Miniature Park - mini houses

– Layered cakes bought at Batam Centre…tastes much better than those sold by the ‘factory’ that the tour guide took us to.  More authentic.

There was still time to kill so we joined some of the tour group on another round of massage at Sawadika.  It was ok but because it was arranged by the tour agency, it’s usually packed and of course the price will be slightly higher.


I guess that really concludes my first Batam trip.  Sorry for taking so long to finish this series.  I thought I’d done it but it was sitting in the draft box 😛

9 thoughts on “KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 6 (City Tour Part 2)”

  1. Loved the mini houses…Some of the roofs are so complex and beautiful…As always , I so enjoy reading about your travels..

    Thanks, Hugs

  2. Woops, I forgot to mention the pictures which make it all so interesting…Makes me travel the really easy way…lol…

  3. Irene Taylor said:

    Thank you Judy…really interesting…..sad to see the slums tho’!

  4. very informative blog! may i ask the distance (and how to get) from golden prawn to the park? i’m trying to make a D.I.Y. for my relatives upcoming visit to Batam. thanks in advance

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. I’m afraid I can’t tell you how to get to the park because we were with a tour group and the trip happened last year. All I can remember is that after the lunch and cultural performance, we boarded the bus and it took us to the park. It wasn’t a long ride, so my guess is that it’s just nearby, probably 5-10 minutes from the seafood restaurant. Hope this helps.

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