I am not musically trained but that does not stop me from talking about the songs and music that I love.   Oh wait, I did join the school band when I was in Primary and Secondary school…does that count as musically trained?  Hmmm…nope, I’ve forgotten how to read scores 😛

Anyway, my favourite band for the past 6 or 7 years is Il Divo and my love for their music continues to grow.  Needless to say, most of the songs that I may highlight here every now and then will be from their albums.

Over the years I have switched from listening to pop to listening to operas and classical music because of the influence of Il Divo and later Russell Watson and Paul Potts (his Nessun Dorma! may not be great but it made me appreciate the aria) .   Now I have more classical and opera aria cds than pop cds but that does not qualify me to discuss about the genres so I will just stick to writing about what the songs do to me.  

Feel free to let me know if the songs highlighted here evoked any sort of feelings in you 😉

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