David Garrett

I am sure many of you have heard of this very talented violinist.  I learn about him through some of my FB friends but never really took notice of him until a dear friend sent me a DVD of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee where he performed with Abigail Washburn.

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But as much as I loved the performance and the entire programme (I watched the DVD at least 3 times!), I didn’t get any of his cds or dvds simply because I much prefer listening to songs that are being sung, not just instrumental pieces.

Now, with a new blog set up by another dear friend, Clara, that basically seeks to introduce artists that are less well-known in her country, I am treated to some very captivating performances by David Garrett.  I especially enjoyed Viva La Vida and Beethoven Sinfonia Nº9

The blog link is http://musicnoteblog.wordpress.com/ .  Check it out and who knows?  You might find that he’s your type of musician 😉

Back to watching the Singapore F1 Grand Prix for me now…Michael Schumacher has just crashed out of the race along with a Redbull driver 😦



6 thoughts on “David Garrett”

  1. Ok you can thank me now! LOL. Beethoven Symphony nº9 is one of me favourites too and you should check nº 5 too 😛

  2. Have been a David Garrett fan for some time now…I like to watch him perform not just listen…Don’t know why..but it works for me…lol..

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