Hoy que ya no estás aquí (Today You are no longer here)

It’s a sunny Saturday here in Singapore.  In another hour or so and I’m off to lunch.  Hopefully it will be something interesting that I can put into my Food page.  But right now I just want to talk about music, Il Divo music to be exact 😉

Hubby often asks why are the songs always sound so sad and sorrowful, save for a few like La Vida Sin Amor.  Of course he doesn’t understand the foreign languages that Il Divo uses for most of its songs, and neither do I.  But unlike him, I know where to look for translations and I do that for songs I really like and want to understand the stories behind the lyrics.  Every song has a story and not every song of Il Divo are sad ones.  Some are uplifting (like Passera which just played on my almost dying stereo 😦 ) and some are soul-cleansing, like Aleluja and Amazing Grace. 

But this particular song that I’ve picked today is poignant and beautiful, and it’s not just in the lyrics that you get that kind of feelings, it’s in the voices of the Divos as well.  Their delivery of the song depicts the story without one having to understand a word of Spanish.  From the first word being sung by David Miller to the closing line sung also by him, you can feel the remorse and longing of a man who has lost his love.  I didn’t know the meaning of the song until much later but the sadness hits me so hard when I first heard it that I could feel my throat constrict and tears threaten to fall.  That’s how powerful the talent of Il Divo is.  Il Divo has the power to deliver a myriad of emotions across in beautifully arranged songs regardless of any language they are sung in.  Viva la Il Divo!

Here is the video.  The lyrics and translations are below.


Fun Facts about the song and some observation by me;):

This song is no doubt a David Miller song because he has the most part, followed by Carlos.  Sebastien and Urs have only a couple of solo lines in it but that doesn’t matter a bit.  What is interesting is that the oh oh bit in the Bridge had forum members guessing who sang that.  Most thought it was Seb, some thought it was David, some joked that it was Carlos and only less than a handful thought it was Urs.  I myself toggled between David and Seb because David has the high tenor voice and could do a soprano bit pretty well I’m sure but Seb has the pop voice and that bit sure is pop. 

But surprise, surprise!  It wasn’t David or Seb and definitely not our charming baritone, THE Carlos Marin.  It was Urs!  Urs the under-rated (by some cynical fans’ standard his voice isn’t as good as the rest, but to me his voice is heavenly 🙂 ) ex-opera and ex-hardrock band singer!  I get goosebumps every time I listen to that part even before I knew it was my Uberlord who sang it.  Just have to have that out since I’m a diehard Uber 😛

Another fun observation…Did any of you notice that Carlos sang at a very low range in the chorus?  I always like to analyse their voices when I listen to them on headphones and I found that he has never sung so low before in any other songs.  It was like he was doing the bass instead of singing his usual baritone or even tenor range like he always preferred singing in.  Put on your headphones and listen very carefully, especially towards the end where the English lyrics start 😉

Enjoy and have a good day 🙂

Lyrics & Translation:

Hoy Que Ya No Estas Aqui (Spanish)  


No dije que te amaba
Jamas supiste, la verdad
Lo mucho que me amaste
No lo supe valorar
Me equivoque, yo me equivoque
Vacio me dejaste el corazon

Y hoy que ya no estas aqui
Que se lo mucho que perdi
No tengo ganas de vivir
Me duele ver que todo termino
Tu siempre fuiste todo para mi
Y nunca te enteraste
De mi amor

Dijiste que lo amabas
Que robo tu corazon
Creia que lo nuestro
Seria eterno
Pero no me equivoque, yo me equivoque
Es increible… Se acabo

No, no, no
Ay, ay, oh, oh,
Y hoy, que ya no estas aqui
Perdi, las ganas de vivir

As far as any man can see
As far as anyone can reach
You’ll always be the fantasy
I can’t believe that I was letting go
You’ll always be the one for me
I can’t believe that I was letting go

And Today You Are No Longer Here  


I didn’t say that I loved you
You never knew the truth
How much you loved me
I didn’t know how to value it
My mistake, I am mistaken
You left my heart full of emptiness

And today you are no longer here
That from how much I am hurting
I don’t want to live anymore
It hurts me to see that it’s all over
You always were everything to me
And I never told you
Of my love

You said that you loved me
That I stole your heart
I believed it was ours
That it would be eternal
But no it was my mistake, I am mistaken
It’s incredible… I am finished

No, no, no
Ay, ay, oh, oh
And today you are no longer here
I have lost the will to live

As far as any man can see
As far as anyone can reach
You’ll always be the fantasy
I can’t believe that I was letting go
You’ll always be the one for me
I can’t believe that I was letting go

8 thoughts on “Hoy que ya no estás aquí (Today You are no longer here)”

  1. Rosemary Dearing said:

    Very interesting…and I was listening with my ear phones on….Yep, that was your
    Uber boy singing that part….

    Thanks for the music lesson of the day.

  2. Just lost a LONG post here..running through the credits of all 4 Divos and their voices. Sorry I haven’t time to repeat it all but let me say I appreciate all 4…Urs with the lyrical tenor, Carlos with his fantastic range , pushing David to soar even higher over them all and of course Seb with his emotional and now trained voice, so rightly recognised by Simon all those years ago. When Seb came in for his solo in Dove at the Classic Brits the whole of the RAH erupted in appreciation and this can be heard in the TV recording. Yes these are a talented quartet and worthy of the support they get world-wide. I also LIVE this number Judy xx

    • Thanks, Irene. Sorry your long post had gone lost in cyberspace.

      I know what you are talking about regarding the Royal Albert Hall and Dove L’Amore. I don’t think the audience expected Seb’s voice to soar so strongly through the fantastic hall.

      Remember, many people from the opera and classical world are still skeptical about what Il Divo is doing to their beloved classical and opera genres but they have to learn to give credit where credit is due. These four guys made classical music hip and sexy and they have drawn the most unlikely listeners to the closed genres of opera and classical music.

  3. Most definitely our devine lyric tenor Judy! These 4 young men are so very talented
    they take my breath away!

  4. Thanks for the lyrics Judy..I agree that Urs voice can send chills up my spine, especially when he goes for the higher notes which no one ever gives him credit for…He was really great when they did ” Bridge Over Troubled Waters” in their 09 concert tour..just wish they had recorded it….But my fav is the 5th song on the Ancora album “Si tu Me Amas” Urs’ voice in the solo right after Seb still gives me the chills as does his 2nd solo.. Love all their voices, and Simon was so smart in picking them each with a very distinctive sound..They are truly all great..

    • Yes, Joan. The best part is their ability to blend in their unique vocals as one. Then there is their maturity to work around their differences and forge a strong bond over the years.

      I love Si Tu Me Amas too. Any song with Urs’ crystal clear vocal in solo, especially those sung in the higher register, takes my vote 😉 But of course, it is all four of them that make Il Divo so special. No one is better than the other. We just have our favourites, that’s all 😉

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