IL VOLO – E Piu’ Ti Penso

Il Volo-E Piu Ti Penso (video by )

Il Divo fans, if you listen to this song, which Il Divo song does it remind you of?  Similarly, Josh Groban fans, which of JG’s song does it remind you of?  Well, the answers are below; one part of the song has the same tune as L’Alba del Mondo by Il Divo, the other part is made up of a tune similar to You’re Still You by Josh Groban.

Josh Groban – You’re Still You (video by )

Il Divo – L’alba del mondo (I knew I loved You) (video by )

Now, in case you didn’t know, Il Divo’s L’Alba del Mondo (I knew I loved you) is based on Deborah’s Theme by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone:

Deborah’s Theme by Ennio Morricone (video by )

All four songs are beautiful, aren’t they?  I must say the 3 young men of Il Volo are certainly talented and full of charisma.  I have their DVD, Il Volo Takes Flight (LIVE at the Detroit Opera House) and I can’t stop watching them 🙂  Good thing I lend it to my colleague or else I’ll be wearing it out soon.  These young men are much better than some other men groups that are modelled after Il Divo.   To me, Il Divo is still the best even though there is still room enough for other groups or artists in my heart 🙂

For those who are new to Il Volo, these are the 3 young men who made up the group:

Il Volo - Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto

And here’s a little write-up on Il Volo from Wikipedia:

The three pop-opera singers started their career in 2009, when they met on the second edition of the Italian RAI TV music competition show Ti lascio una canzone, held in Sanremo. On May 2, 2009, Gianluca Ginoble won the competition, singing Andrea Bocelli‘s “Il mare calmo della sera“.[1]

During the competition, the three singers were chosen to perform as a trio the Neapolitan evergreen “‘O Sole Mio“.[2] After the competition, they continued to perform together under the names The Tryo, Il Trio, and finally Il Volo.

Hope you enjoy today’s music blog.  Have a wonderful Easter holiday 🙂

6 thoughts on “IL VOLO – E Piu’ Ti Penso”

  1. lau gong said:

    Divo and Volo = Classico.

  2. Yes, Judy, all 4 songs are beautiful, and ID’s is and always be my favorite version.
    Il Volo are very good, and with a bit of vocal coaching they could become (almost)
    as fabulous as ID. Love Josh too. One of his songs has been haunting me for days now, but I can’t remember the name of it, only the melody.Guess I’ll have to hit Youtube and see if I can find it. 😀
    Don’t know if you celebrate Easter, but either way, have a lovely one.

    • Easter is more of a religious holiday so not everyone celebrates it here but it was a public holiday yesterday (Friday). Me, hubby and daughter went out for high tea and I posted pics of the Easter High Tea set on FB. Maybe I should post it here too…

      Hope you have a nice Easter, Carol.

  3. Loved the comparisions..Love those youngsters..Il Volo..I listen to their album a lot..Think they are very talented and when their voices mature they will be great..

    But we all know there is only one Il Divo..I had truely forgotten that song, don’t know why since it is beautiful..

    Thanks for the time you took to bring us this rambling..Really enjoyed it


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