Sat here on a Sunday afternoon watching the Il Divo Live in London DVD for God knows how many times now, I marvelled at how this song is always able to lift my mood.  It is a song from Il Divo’s self-titled debut album which was released in Nov 2004 and I have lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it at home and on my way to and from work.  Incidentally, it’s also a song that the guys have performed in all of their world tours, including the current one, Il Divo and Orchestra in Concert 2012. 

I don’t understand the Italian lyrics at all but the way it is sung and the melody of the song always manage to evoke a feeling of happiness in me.  I found a translation of the songs on the internet (source:  and I hope you enjoy it and the video as well (video by FootlooseDiva):

Passer: Il Divo translation

Artist: Il Divo

Album: Il Divo

Title: Passerà

Le canzoni non si scrivonoma nascono da séson le cose che succedonoogni giorno intorno a noi

le canzoni basta coglierle

ce n’e’ una anche per te

che fai più fatica a vivere

e non sorridi mai.

le canzoni sono zingare

e rubano poesie

sono inganni come pillole

della felicità

le canzoni non guariscono

amori e malattie

ma quel piccolo dolore

che l’esistere ci da’

passerà, passerà

se un ragazzo e una chitarra sono li

come te, in città

a guardare questa vita che non va

che ci ammazza d’illusioni

e con l’età delle canzoni

passerà su di noi

finiremo tutti in banca prima o poi

coi perché, i chissà

e le angosce di una ricca povertà

a parlare degli amori che non hai

a cantare una canzone che non sai come fa

perché l’hai perduta dentro

e ti ricordi solamente

passerà ….

in un mondo di automobili

e di gran velocità

per chi arriva sempre ultimo

per chi si dice addio

per chi sbatte negli ostacoli

della diversità

le canzoni sono lucciole

che cantano nel buio

passerà prima o poi

questo piccolo dolore che c’e’ in te

che c’e’ in me, che c’e’ in noi

e ci fa sentire come marinai

in balia del vento e della nostalgia

a cantare una canzone che non sai

come fa

ma quel piccolo dolore che sia odio, o che sia amore


passerà, passerà

anche se farai soltanto la la la

passerà, passerà

e a qualcosa una canzone servirà

se il tuo piccolo dolore

che sia odio o che sia amore


Translated Title: It Will Pass

Songs are not writtenbut they are born by themselvesthey represent the things that happeneveryday around us

songs, it’s enough to catch them

there is one also for you

that have also difficulty in living

and you never smile.

songs are gipsy and steal poetry

they are deceptions like

the so called “happiness pills”

songs never cure love or illness

but that little pain that give us

the certainty we exist

it will pass, it will pass

if a boy and a guitar are there

like you, in the city

looking at this life which does not work

that kills us with illusions

and with the age of songs

it will pass over us

we’ll go to the bank sooner or later

with our “why” and “who knows”

and the anxiety of an extreme poverty

talking about the lovers you don’t have

singing a song that you don’t know

because you lost it inside

and you remember only

it will pass…

in a world of cars and high speed

for the ones who arrive always last

for the ones who say good bye

for the ones who bump against

the obstacles of diversity

songs are fireflies that sing in the dark

it will pass sooner or later

this little pain inside of you

inside of me, inside of us

that make us feel like sailors

at the mercy of wind and nostalgia

singing a song that you don’t know

but that little pain

be it hate or be it love

it will pass, pass, pass

even if you’ll sing just “la la la”

it will pass, it will pass

and a song will be useful for something

if your little pain

be it hate or be it love …will pass


2 thoughts on “Passera”

  1. Ahhhhh, Judy. As you know, Passera is my favourite Il Divo song. It always has been and it always will be. Why? Because it testifies to the power of music. For all the songs in all the world – the songs that make us feel just about anything – they would be nothing without first the power of the song. We feel happy or sad or angry. We grieve. We have our spirits lifted. All because of a few notes strung together that touch our heart. Songs make us feel better; they say things we could never find the right words to say and somehow manage help us through our pain. As the song says…..your little pain, be it love or be it hate….will pass because of song.

    It is a classic. And beautiful. And I love it.

    I also love, how it starts so quietly, and you’re not exactly sure where it’s going because it sort of rambles……and it builds and builds and builds……to this great circus with overlapping voices and lines and notes. Its powerful and beautiful and a work of art. It’s amazing.

    Plus, it doesn’t hurt that one of the greatest baritone’s of all time, the magnificant Carlos Marin, sings THE NOTE to perfection. That, and he’s handsome! heheheh

    Passera! Amazing! Love, love, love it!

    • Thanks for dropping by, T.

      The power of music? You’re so right, T! And THE NOTE is always perfect cos it’s sung by none other than Carlos Marin 😉 It always gives me goosebumps.

      I think Il Divo does the overlapping of voices very well despite the fact that the four vocals are very different from each other. And they always blend in so well when they come together to create the great big choruses. Perfect!

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