PAVANE by Gabriel Fauré & Isabel by Il Divo

PAVANE by Gabriel Fauré  & Isabel by Il Divo

Did anyone of you diehard Il Divo fans notice the similarities between these 2 songs?  I always knew Isabel wasn’t original but never knew from which classical piece it was adapted from.  But now I do 🙂  Was at the Popular bookshop (a big, local bookshop chain here) buying printer cartridges when I noticed their music section had some classical cds on offer.  I ended up buying these 2 cd sets at S$38:

Classical CD Sets

There are 101 tracks in each set of 6 cds and the actual price was S$24.95 per set, so it’s totally worth buying if you love classical music.  There are Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc, but I chose Pavarotti 101 and the Classical 101, a mix of classical music and songs.  Faure’s Pavane is in the first cd of the Classical 101.  See if find it familiar 😉

PAVANE – Gabriel Fauré  Uploaded by  on Youtube

The moment I heard it I knew it was an Il Divo song but it took me awhile to be sure it was Isabel 😛

Isabel – Il Divo Uploaded by  on Youtube

Here are the lyrics and English translation taken from the Il Divo Official Forum if you want to sing along to Il Divo 😉

Al fondo el dolor
Imperios de ilusion
Hoy no tengo nada
Si no estas
Mi corazon se apagaIsabel
Si te vas
Tu Dios se enfadara
No dejes que este amor
Muera asi
Sufriendo en soledad
Vuelve a mi y yo te hare
La gran pasion de amar
de huir
a ese tiempo que vendra
Escapando del pasado
Tu y yo
Siempre enamoradosHoy no tengo nada
Si no estas
mi corazon se apageIsabel
A donde iras sin mi
yo no sabre vivr
sin ti

a donde iras si mi
yo no sabre vivir
sin ti

Si te vas
tu Dios se enfadara
no dejes que este amor
muera asi
Sufriendo en soledad
Tu vuelve a mi y yo te haré

Falling into the depths of pain
empires of illusion
today I have nothing
if you’re not here
my heart will die out.Isabel
If you go away
Your God will be annoyed
Don’t let this love die like this
I will cry
You will cry
Suffering in loneliness
Return to me and I will make you
IsabelSearching for Feeling  the great passion of loving
Trying to flee
From that time which will come
Escaping the past
You and me
Always in love( repeat stanza II )today
I have nothing
If you’re not here
My heart will die out.

I will love you
Where will you go
Without you
I won’t know
I won’t know how to live
Without you

If you go away
Your God will be annoyed
Don’t let this love die like this
I will cry
You will cry
Suffering in loneliness
Return to me and I will make you happy

And now you know another Il Divo song trivia… 😉

6 thoughts on “PAVANE by Gabriel Fauré & Isabel by Il Divo”

  1. What a good little detective you are Judy! I even found Barbra Streisand singing it on YouTube.

  2. You have a far better ear than I do Judy..I could only hear it once pointed out and really had to listen to 2 times…Somehow Il Divo’s version seems better to me..

  3. IL Divo’s version is by far the better of the two!

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