Urs Buhler – Arias

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting this blog.  But I’m back and I’m back with many Il Divo fans’ favourite singer – Urs Buhler, aka the Swiss Rock God, the Uber Lord, the Swiss Chocolate, Ursy… Man, that guy’s got so many nicknames that I’ve lost count of how many, just like I’ve lost track of how many hairstyles he has worn over the course of almost 10 years in Il Divo business 😛

Here are some Ursy pictures…

Urs - 2012

Urs – 2012


Urs – 2009

Urs Pre-Il Divo days

Urs Pre-Il Divo days

Urs up close

Urs – 2011

Urs with long hair

Urs – 2006/7 (early Il Divo)


Urs – early Il Divo

Urs-Classic Brits Award Rehearsal

Urs – 2011 (Classic Brits Awards)

Urs on bike 2

Urs – 2011

URS by metroflog

Urs – 2010

Sadly though, it’s not difficult to count how many solo pieces he’s done that can be found on the internet.  We fans know he has recorded St Johannes Passion in his early opera days but so far, only 3 of the arias can be found on Youtube.  Added to that is De Mikado the ‘secret’ dvd which has been floating around in fandom, and which makes me alternate between wincing at the makeup on all the performers and floating with his lyric tenor vocal.  The entry-level opera isn’t anything to shout about but his naked upper torso at the beginning and his crystal-clear vocal more than made up for it in the eyes of an Uber 😛

Urs in Pre-ID days

Urs in Pre-ID days

This doesn’t seem much of a praise for my favourite tenor, does it?  Thankfully, there are uploads on the Youtube that give us a sample of his true operatic vocal, beginning with the aria from St Johanne’s Passion, Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken.

Urs Buhler singing solo in “Johannes passion” by J.S.Bach, J.S. Bach – Johannes-Passion – Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken

(Video uploaded by Tatinata1000)

Now, here’s a snippet of an aria he did in a recent interview for a Swiss tv programme.  I have added clips of the same aria done by his favourite lyric tenor, Fritz Wunderlich, and by Luciano Pavarotti.

Urs Buhler singing a fragment of the aria Cavaradossi ” E lucevan le stelle” “Tosca” Puccini

(Video uploaded by Tatinata1000)

Personally, I think Fritz Wunderlich’s version is simply riveting and brings me soaring high with his impeccable vocal and left me feeling a sense of sadness with his emotive rendition.

Und es blitzen sterne (E Lucevan Le Stelle) Fritz Wunderlich

(Video uploaded by Addiobelpassato)

Maestro Pavarotti had a heavier/darker vocal, not my favourite type of lyric tenor voice although he was a lyric tenor too.  Dear Urs cannot possibly match up with these two masters of the operatic world but his distinctive lyric tenor voice and vibrato are simply heavenly.  He sends my toes curling when he hits the high notes 😛

Pavarotti E lucevan le stelle

(Video uploaded by simonides123)

I will say here that I’m not really into opera or classical music (have never been to an opera before), but I do enjoy listening to beautiful voices such as Wunderlich and Pavarotti singing arias.  I hope that one day, when Il Divo call it a day (NOOOO!!!  Hopefully NEVER!), that Urs would go back to singing opera and make an album of it.  But in the meantime, if anyone’s got his St. Johanne’s Passion recording and wouldn’t mind sharing…you know where to look for me 😉  (No prankster, please! My heart can’t take that kind of joke!)

That’s all for a little music blogging from me.  Over and out!

4 thoughts on “Urs Buhler – Arias”

  1. Office here is being redone so no sound available on computer as yet…will have to listen later at home…But must say..Thanks you for the research and the Rambling of our fav guy…lol..


  2. Martha Isaza said:

    Es la voz que mas me gusta de il divo, sobresale pues es diferente. Me encanta y el es absolutamente bello y como diríamos en Colombia es un bizcocho

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