Chapters 27 & 28

Chapter 27

Soon, it was time for Il Divo to get back on the road again.  Before they flew to the States to promote their album, they flew to Spain first to shoot their special appearance for the new tv soap opera that they had promised Carmen that they would do.  All the Divo ladies had decided to join in the trip to Spain for a little holiday and while Amelia travelled with them, the Buhler kids were being looked after by grandma and Auntie Adriana at home.  Ginny got her housekeeper to stay and look after Nick and Lily while she was away for a few days.

The day the men were supposed to be at the studio, their ladies followed them.  They wanted to see them in action in front of the camera.  Little Amelia tagged along after promising to be a good girl, but not before negotiating to bring Care Bear along as well.  She would have been left with a good friend of Joanne’s if she hadn’t gone with them.

As the group was being led into the studio, they came face to face with someone they all loathed.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Joanne, my little lover,” Felix sneered as he stopped in front of her and held her hand.  The men were already walking ahead of them and hearing those words, Carlos turned around sharply.  His face turned into a scowl as he walked back to join Joanne.

“Keep your filthy hand away from my wife,” he gritted his teeth in a barely contained anger, swiping away Felix’s hand.

“Hey!  What’s wrong with you?  I was just greeting my ex-lover,” the obnoxious man continued to goad him.

“Stop lying, Felix.  You and I were never lovers.  Grow up.”  Joanne was surprisingly calm.

The other Divos had come and stood behind Carlos and Joanne.  Amelia was with David as Ginny, Sam and Claire stood around the couple.

Touching her face with his hand, Felix crooned, “Baby, have you forgotten the time we spent on the beach?”

Carlos clenched his fist and was about to raise it when Sam stopped him, whispering, “He’s not worth the trouble, Carlito.  Let us handle him.”  There was an unmistakable glint in her eyes as she gave a tight-lipped smile.

Urs knew she meant business and taking her cue, he put his arm around Carlos’ shoulders and propelled him into the dressing room.  “Come, Carlos, we are late for make-up.  The ladies will take good care of that slime ball.”

Carlos looked at Urs furiously and struggled against him as he hissed through clenched teeth, “I have waited this long to bash him up, let me at him!”

“You don’t want to end up as tabloid news tomorrow.  Let Sam do the dirty job,” Urs smiled even as he kept a firm grip on his fuming friend.

David and Sebastien, though fuming inside as well, knew Urs was right and they had a lot of faith in Sam, so they helped him steer Carlos away from trouble.  Amelia went with them.

Seeing the retreating men, Felix threw back his head and laughed.  “Look at the coward you married, Joanne.”  Then grabbing her hand again he held her close to him and sneered, “I hope you regret your decision not to go with me.”

“Let go of her,” Sam warned in a deadly calm.

“And who are you to tell me?” Felix snickered.

“Sam, the ex-cop.”  With that, she took the hand that was still holding on to Joanne and twisted it behind his back.  Then raising a leg, she kicked his backside and at the same time let go of his hand, causing him to crash against the opposite wall.  The crew working in the studio were shocked at first but laughed when Felix tried to pick himself up off the floor.

The moment he got up, he charged at Sam.  She had assumed a defensive stance and when he got close enough, she gave a kick that caught him in the groin.  Giving a yelp, he grabbed his crotch and doubled over in pain.

“Come here, darling.  Let mama make it better,” Sam taunted with a wicked smile.

By now the pain was so excruciating that Felix was kneeling on the floor, bending over and crying in a strained voice, “You bitch!”

The moment the words were out, Ginny’s hand connected with his face, “Didn’t your mama teach you any manners?”

Joanne looked contemptuously at the pathetic man still kneeling and nursing his groin and warned, “Remember Felix, if my husband can get me out of the contract mess he can make you jobless too, permanently.  Spin another lie to the press and he’ll make sure you’re out of the entertainment scene for good!”

Turning on her heels, she walked away. Ginny followed closely behind.  Sam pretended to make a move at him and he flinched, raising his hand to block what he thought was a kick coming.  Sam smirked and turned away.

Before she walked away, Sam saw Claire moved up to Felix and warned him, “You mess with one of us, you mess with all!”  She then planted a four-inch high-heeled foot on his inner thigh firmly, causing him to scream out loud.  When she stepped away to join Sam, she had a cheeky grin on her face.  Sam shook her head in amazement at the younger lady amid laughter from the crew.  Felix screamed for them to shut up but that only made them laugh harder.


The ladies managed to get to the set in the studio in time to see the Divos being briefed about their roles and given their scripts.  Amelia was standing quietly with a stagehand and when she saw her mother, she ran over to her.  Together, they stood behind the cameramen and watched as Il Divo had its first take.

An hour later, it was done.  The producer was smiling from ear to ear because the filming had gone smoothly; the Divos were consummate professionals who knew what was required of them.  They shot a small scene with the main actors and actresses in one set, each speaking a line or two in Spanish, and then sang the show’s theme song in a different set.

Ginny, Sam and Joanne were used to what the men were doing as they had been to countless filming with the guys.  Claire was a total newbie to the entertainment world and she had a look of wonder on her face as she watched them act and sing.  David caught her eyes for a moment and was hard pressed not to laugh at the expression on her face.

Even Amelia was in awe and was watching attentively at her daddy performing.  At one point when the guys had finished singing the song, she put her hands together and clapped gleefully.

“Cut!” the director shouted and turned to the little girl.  Everyone in the set laughed as he remarked, “That has to be the youngest Il Divo fan in the world!”

Il Divo had to redo the singing scene again, and this time, having been told by Claire that she shouldn’t clap, Amelia stood quietly until the whole scene was done.  Only when the director applauded the guys for a job well done did she join in the clapping.

They travelled back to the hotel the way they came, in four different cars.  So each lady filled her man in on what happened with Felix and all of the guys had a good laugh about it. Even Carlos, who was still fuming mad when the make-up artist attended to him, threw back his head and laughed merrily, slapping his hand on his thigh a few times.

“Sam is a real terror!  Only Urs can rein her in,” he finally managed to get that out after his laughter had died down and he was wiping at the tears in his eyes.

Claire recounted to David what she and the girls did to Felix.  David was astonished at her part. “Remind me not to cross you.  You’re deadlier than Sam.”

Claire pouted, “But he deserved it!”

Sebastien was impressed with his wife’s courage but warned her to be careful as he worried Felix might want to take revenge.

“Have you forgotten that I had learnt from Sam some self-defense technique?  Anyway, I think he has learnt to steer clear of us from now on.”

The biggest smile went to Urs of course.  He was very proud and happy to learn how well Sam took care of all her sisters.  “You haven’t lost your touch one bit, Sam the ex-cop,” he proudly told her.

“The times I spent flipping you around on the bed must have helped,” she deadpanned, causing Urs to laugh out so loudly that the driver, a man of about fifty, almost jumped out of his skin.

“Well, since you said that, I’d be glad to help you again tonight.”  He gave her a cheeky grin and laughed again.

The couples and Amelia spent the evening having a rowdy dinner in Carlos’ apartment, the adults discussing about the ladies’ workout in the studio while the little girl quietly ate her dinner, ignorant of what was being said at the table.  All that mattered to her was her Care Bear getting a place at the dining table, sitting in a chair next to her.  Claire had wanted her to leave the toy in the living room but Joanne indulged her little request.


Carlos and Joanne were awakened by the sound of Carlos’ phone ringing.  He answered it while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“This is Carlos Marin,” he said in a raspy sleep-induced voice.

“Good morning, Carlito,” came Carmen’s voice.  Carlos immediately sat upright.

“Good morning to you, too, Carmen.”  By now Joanne was wide awake.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there while you guys were filming the show.  I just came back from a business trip,” Carmen said in her smooth voice.

“It’s alright.  They told me what you were doing.”

“I was thinking, since I’ve never really met your friends or your wife, perhaps I could throw a little tea party at my place today and we could all get properly acquainted.”

Without hesitation, Carlos agreed that it was a good idea as Il Divo had nothing planned for the day.  “But I need to clear with the other guys first, in case they have something that they planned for themselves,” he told her.  After disconnecting the call, he turned to Joanne and told her what Carmen suggested.

“I hope you’re ok with this.  It’s just a little meet-up at her place to introduce the other guys to her,” he explained.

Joanne smiled at him.  “I can’t wait to meet her.”

After calling all the other guys who confirmed that they would be at Carmen’s place later in the afternoon, Carlos called to tell Carmen about it.  She arranged for transport to pick up the three Divos, their ladies and Amelia at the hotel.  Carlos would drive to her place with Joanne.

All the four ladies set out together to do some shopping as planned and at the same time bought a gift for Carmen.  Little Amelia was left with David, which she didn’t mind since she had his full attention, getting piggy-back rides and playing hide-and-seek with him in the hotel room.

At Carmen’s massive villa, Carlos introduced his wife and friends to Carmen.  She was dressed in a stunning red dress and her hair was piled high up on her head.  She smiled graciously at everyone and was in love with little Amelia, who wore a cute checked pink skirt with a matching pink-hooded top, a result of David’s decision as he helped to dress her up while Claire got ready herself.

Face to face with Joanne, she said warmly to her in Spanish, “It’s nice to finally meet the woman of Carlito’s dream.”

“Thank you for inviting us, Carmen.  I’ve heard so much about you and now that we’ve met, I can see why my husband thinks so highly of you.”  Joanne was surprised to find Carmen so warm and easy-going.

Carlos was visibly relieved to see that so far the two women were more than amicable with each other and Sebastien gave him a teasing wink.

Over scrumptious tea spread, the group had friendly chatter with the host and more than once Sebastien found his Spanish-speaking skill lacking as he tried to express himself in the native tongue of the host.

“It’s alright, Seb, you can speak English to me.  Although I cannot speak the language very well, I do understand it,” Carmen smiled at him.  Turning to Joanne, she asked, “Would you consider doing a program about babies and parenting for my station after the birth of your baby, Joanne?”

Joanne was surprised at the question and looked from Carmen to Carlos before rejecting her politely.  “Thank you for asking me, Carmen, but I told Carlos that he and our baby will be my only career from now on.”

“What a pity.  I’ve seen how you handled the discussion in Miguel’s show and I’m really impressed.  Perhaps you would take a little time to consider?  You are too young to retire.”

“Carmen is right.  You don’t have to give up your career just for me and baby, we can work something out,” Carlos suggested.

“I don’t like to leave my baby in the hands of a nanny, Carlos.  But since you said it, I’ll think about it.  Oh, and thank you so much for helping to sort out my contract problem.”

“That was nothing,” Carmen dismissed with a flick of her hand.  “Miguel and I are old friends.  I heard about your little meeting with Felix.  You girls fixed him up really well, didn’t you?”

And the talk turned to Felix and how the ladies handled him on behalf of Carlos.  Carmen was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes.  Finally she managed to tell Joanne, “If he ever bothers you or any one of you again, let me know.  I’ll have him kicked out of the entertainment scene here for good.  I don’t like the way he treated you ladies.”

“Daddy, I want to sleep,” Amelia held out her hands for David to carry her.

“Awww, she’s so cute.  Wish I had thought to get some toys for her just now so she wouldn’t feel bored,” Carmen lamented.

“It’s alright, Carmen.  It’s her nap time that’s why she’s sleepy,” Claire explained.  “Guess we better bring David’s little princess home before she gets irritable and throws an ugly tantrum.”

“So she is David’s princess now?”  Sebastien looked at David with a playful smile. “It’s scary, isn’t it, having two females clinging on to you?”

“Are you saying that Ginny and Lily are scaring you, Seb?  Gee, and I thought you loved them!” David’s quick wit got the other guys chuckling.

“Sebastien Izambard!  If that’s what you’re saying, then I’m heading home as soon as I can get a flight back!” Ginny looked aghast.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, sweetheart!” Sebastien was red-faced as he tried to pacify his wife.

“And what did you really mean, my bungling husband?” Ginny’s eyes were big and bright as she stared at her husband.

The other adults save for Carmen quietly laughed at the conversation between the couple.  Carmen looked at them with a puzzled expression on her face, wondering how they could be laughing when their friends were having a serious argument.

“I was just teasing him!” Sebastien was getting hot under the collar, oblivious to his laughing friends.

“And I was just teasing you, too.” Ginny winked before taking his face in her hands and kissed him full on his lips, surprising him.  Everyone erupted into fits of laughter even as Sebastien wondered what had hit him when she let go of him.

Carmen, finally getting the joke, shook her head in amusement.  “So this is how you guys survived all these years as a group; with teasing and humor.”


Il Divo did a few more promotional appearances in the major cities of Spain for the next three days before they flew to the States.  Claire, Amelia and Joanne went with them while Ginny and Sam flew back home.

Before flying their separate ways, Claire and the other Divo ladies had a get together in her hotel suite to discuss her wedding.  She told them about David’s dream and that she suspected the talk about their wedding was what triggered it off.

“Poor David!  The first few months of Sandra’s death must have been really difficult for him,” said Joanne.

“So what would you like to do for your wedding?” Sam asked.

“I want to spare him the pain of going through all the preparation.”  Claire looked uncertainly at her new friends.  “Do you think he would mind if we just have a small ceremony, you know, just our parents, siblings and you guys?”

The other girls thought for a moment before Sam spoke up, “Why don’t you suggest that to David?  He’s the lead actor in this.”

“I was thinking maybe we could plan a surprise for him.”  Claire smiled a little, still unsure what her friends thought of her plan.

Ginny, Sam and Joanne exchanged looks with each other before grinning widely.

“You got it, girlfriend!” Ginny raised her hands for high fives which Claire and the other girls happily gave her amid giggles.

“Oh, this is so fun!  Another surprise wedding!  I can still remember the few weeks leading up to Sam’s and Ginny’s wedding, Sandra and I were almost bursting at the seams trying to keep all the secrets in,” Joanne reminisced.

“David told me about that.  He was so proud that he and the guys managed to pull it off, but then was a little miffed that Urs changed course at the final stage because he had unwittingly let on to Sam about the wedding plan,” Claire told them.

“My husband is not a good liar but he makes up for it in other ways.”  Sam gave them a coy look, batting her eyelashes that had them all giggling.

“Talking about your husband, I have something to confess.”  Claire looked uncomfortably at Sam.

“Shoot!” Sam gave her an encouraging look.

“When I first saw him at the airport the day I was to fly back to LA to tend to my divorce, I thought he was the most gorgeous man on earth.  He was like the Greek God, with those beautifully chiseled features and that intense gaze.  And then when I went to your place for dinner for the first time, I was almost lost for words seeing him in that tight-fitting red Harley t-shirt and jeans.  God, that man is sex on legs, Sam!”

The other girls howled with laugher at that last sentence.  Clutching her stomach and managing in between laughter, Ginny told her, “Do you know what you’re saying, Claire?  That you’re Uberised!”

“Not really,” Claire denied, “I love David and I love to hear him sing.  I’m a David’s Diva through and through, no doubt about it!  But I just can’t help feeling the way I did when I saw Urs during those two meetings.  Don’t you two agree with what I said about him?  I know Sam would definitely agree with me about it.”

Joanne took a deep calming breath before saying, “All four Divos have different appeal and personality.  Yes, Urs is sexy and gorgeous, but so are David, Carlos and Sebastien too in their own different ways.  They appeal to different people.  And yes, it’s completely possible to be in love with one Divo and still think highly of another Divo.  I think Sebastien is really sexy, with those bedroom eyes of his.  However, my Carlos will always be my número uno.

“Carlito sends my pulse racing when he sings real tenderly, such wonderful voice he has.  Not to mention that sexy chest hair of his!” Ginny gushed.  “That’s not to say my Sebby isn’t appealing though.  When he gives me that playful look it’s all I could do to keep upright.  And I still think he’s the sexiest man alive.”

Claire was relieved that she wasn’t the only one with that kind of thoughts.  “David’s boyish charm and loving nature is what attracts me most.  His smile is like a ray of sunshine that brightens up my day.  When I met him again at the swimming pool in LA, he sent my imagination into overdrive.  What about you, Sam?  How does Urs affect you?” Claire looked at Sam eagerly.

“The first time I looked into his eyes, I was mesmerized; I forgot I was after a dangerous criminal and just stood facing him wondering if I should kiss him,” Sam had a faraway look as she said it.

Then, as if brought back to reality, she looked at her friends.  “I don’t know, he just captivated me with an air of mystery about him when we first started out.  It wasn’t easy getting to know him as he didn’t talk very much back then.  But he always makes me feel loved and respected and his courage makes me feel safe and secure.  Not to mention those blinky-winks that are so unique to him.  Well, maybe not that unique anymore since Tony has taken to doing that too!”  They all laughed at the mention of Little Tony’s blinky-winks.  Then with a saucy look on her face and a wink, she added, “But of course, the biggest draw has to be great sex.”

“Three cheers to great sex!” Ginny shouted, raising the glass of wine in her hand.  Laughing, the other girls joined her in the toast, Joanne toasting with her apple juice instead.

Finally they got down to business to plan the wedding.  They got out Il Divo’s program schedule that David had given Claire and went through the dates before settling on one which would be just after the promotional tour.  Sam would help to call David’s parents and siblings to sound them out about the plan.  The girls got more and more excited about the wedding as they devised the plan.


Chapter 28

That night after a hot shower together and an equally hot workout in bed, Claire nestled up to David and said, “David, about our wedding…”

“Hmmm, what about?” he was feeling sleepy already after a busy day hopping from one tv station to the next.

“I was thinking maybe we should wait till your promo tour is over before we start planning,” she started off tentatively.

“We might not have much time to plan,” his eyes fluttered open.

“I want you to concentrate on your job first.”

“My job may be important, but so is our wedding.  There are so many things to plan, like the theme, the venue, the F&B, the wedding shoot, the guest list…we need more time than those few weeks.”

“I’ve been there and done that, remember?  Please, just leave it to me.  I’ll of course consult you on matters like the guest list.  As for the venue, I thought we have already decided to hold it in Colorado?  Anyway, I’m waiting to see what the wedding planner can come up with.  I’ll let you know after the meeting, ok?”  Keeping her fingers crossed, she waited with bated breath for his answer.

Even though he wasn’t comfortable with what Claire had decided to do, he didn’t really relish the idea of going through the whole planning process again.  He had secretly wished to just register their marriage but he couldn’t do that to her.  He wanted her to have the best wedding ever since her first marriage didn’t work out the way she deserved.  Telling her to go ahead and plan the wedding on her own, he shut his eyes and was soon asleep.

When she felt his even breathing and knew he had fallen asleep, she gently slipped away from him and left the room to call Joanne.

“Ok, he’s agreed to let me do the planning,” she whispered into the phone.

“Right, I’ll call Sam to let her know so she can go ahead with the next step,” Joanne whispered back.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Because you’re whispering, that’s why!”

Both girls giggled as they said goodnight to each other.


Another three weeks had passed and Il Divo had conquered the US, Canada and parts of Central America as well with their newest album, The Promise.  They appeared on major tv programs and did CD signings in major music stores around the country.

Joanne’s baby bump was showing and Carlos was delighted when he first felt the baby’s movement.  They were lying in bed getting ready to sleep when Joanne felt the baby kicking and gave a little gasped.

“What is it?” Carlos asked with concern.

“Nothing, seems like baby doesn’t like this position.”

“Are you saying it’s starting to kick?” he looked surprised, sitting up immediately.

“Yes, it started some time ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You were too busy undressing me and making love to me.  You know I forget everything when you do that to me,” she said coyly.

“You could’ve told me in the day,” he sounded disappointed to have only just found out about it.

“You’ve been busy with work.  Anyway, the movement wasn’t so strong like now,” she felt sorry to have forgotten to tell him about it.  All those planning she’d been doing with Claire for her wedding and the shopping took up most of her time that she didn’t even stop to feel the movement.  It was easy to forget she was pregnant as she didn’t feel any sickness or cravings at all.

“Is it still kicking?” he asked as he put his hand on her stomach, feeling all around it.

Joanne lay still for a moment before guiding his hand to the area where she felt the baby’s kick earlier on.  As if on cue, the baby did give a hard kick.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, “That must’ve hurt.”  He looked concerned at Joanne.

She laughed, “No, it doesn’t.”

“No?  Do you think it’s a girl or a boy?”

“Which do you prefer?  Little Gracie or Little Tony?”

“Both of them are cute and lovable, but I must say, girls are easier to handle than boys.”  A picture of Nick throwing tantrum in the shopping mall came to his mind.

Joanne had a medical checkup the next morning by a doctor that was recommended by her own doctor.   Carlos managed to make it to this appointment as their flight was in the evening and there were no more appearances.  This time, the sonogram was able to tell them their baby’s sex.

“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Marin.  You have a healthy baby boy,” Doctor Julia Stevens announced.

“Really?  A baby boy?” Carlos stared at Joanne, a wide grin pasted on his face, “We have a boy, Joanne.”

“I heard that, Carlito.  So, I take it you’re happy?  You don’t want a refund?” she joked.

“Refund?  Why would I want a refund?  Boy or girl it doesn’t matter as long as both baby and mommy are healthy and mommy is happy, that’s all I care.”

Doctor Stevens smiled at the loving couple, “I know that you are travelling with the band, Joanne, and although both you and the baby are healthy, you still have to make sure you are well rested since this is your first pregnancy.

“I’ll make sure she gets plenty of rest, doctor,” a beaming Carlos assured the doctor.

The moment they stepped out of the clinic, he held her hand and propelled her into their waiting car.

“Are we going shopping?” she asked.


“Where are we going then?”

“Back to the hotel.”

“But we have a few more hours.  Can we do some shopping?”

“Doc said you need to have plenty of rest.” He patted her hand.

She pouted; he laughed and whispered in her ears, “It won’t be boring, I promise.”  And then he wriggled his eyebrows.

“I think sex takes up more energy than shopping,” she replied wryly.

“Who says we’re having sex?”


“No.  We’re making love, and there’s a difference between that and having sex,” said Carlos the wise one.


The wedding plan went according to plan.  Together with Joanne, Claire had managed to find a gown.  She arranged for it to be delivered to David’s parents’ house.

Back in London, Sam had been in contact with someone very important, someone who could pull off the wedding without raising the suspicion of David.  Carlos, Sebastien and Urs were all kept in the dark for the time being since the girls decided that it would be better for them if they didn’t know so soon.

She was also tasked with contacting David’s parents since she knew them well.  Having Claire call them suddenly to tell them about her plan would not be as convincing as what Sam could do.  David’s parents were told of the wedding plan for their son and they were all very excited and promised to keep it a secret from him.  Both Mr and Mrs Miller were as easy-going as their son and readily agreed to be part of the planning committee by informing their two daughters and making sure they did not spread the word.

The last night of the promotional tour, David asked how the plan was coming along.  Claire was relieved that she had prepared for his question and immediately told him a few dates that she was looking at.  He picked a date and she agreed.

“I need your guest list to send the invites to.  I was thinking maybe we should just keep it simple, like only have our families and relatives attending the wedding.”  If there was anyone else he wanted to invite, she would have to get his parents to call up that person to inform him or her about the plan.  Luckily, the list wasn’t long, just like what she had planned; only his family members were going to be there.

“But I don’t even know where my own wedding is taking place.”  His brows furrowed deep as he tried to figure her out.  Then, looking quizzically at her, he asked, “Are you up to something?”

“No, why would you say that?   I have a few things to sort out first before I tell you more about it.  We’ll have time to make changes if you don’t like any part of it.  I just don’t want you worrying about it while you’re working,” she spoke with her eyes wide open, assuming an innocent look.

Looking dubiously at her, he replied, “As far as I know, my work is done for now.  Claire, if you’re hiding something…”

“David Miller!  What are you suggesting?  That I would hide your wedding from you?  Is it so wrong for me to want to help you by taking all the responsibilities in planning just to let you have peace of mind while you’re working?”  For added drama, she folded her arms across her chest and gave him an annoyed look.

Seeing how upset his fiancée was, he cupped her face in his hands.  “I’m sorry, Claire.  I shouldn’t have questioned you.  Go ahead and plan, just let me know when to show up.”

“Everything will be done properly, I assure you, Mr Miller.”  She gave him an ice-cold look, still feigning hurt and anger.

Sighing, he kissed her forehead, “You look so cute when you’re angry.  Remind me to make you angry more often.”  Geez, should have just kept my mouth shut, he mentally kicked himself.

“I give cold shoulder treatment when I’m angry, so good night.”  She turned away from him and pretended to go to sleep.

“Aww, please Claire.  Work had been hectic until this morning when we did the last show.  You can’t just go to sleep like that, it’s time to celebrate the end of the promotional tour,” he whined, speaking to her back.

She smiled to herself.  “Too bad the damage is done; I’m in no mood to make love right now.”

“Fine!” he pouted as he turned over to the other side, his back facing hers.  He silently cursed himself again.  He should have at least waited till they’d finished making love before broaching the subject of their wedding.

Claire could hardly contain her laughter as she slowly turned over and ran her fingers up his spine.  “Angry?”

“Not talking to you.”  He was relieved but didn’t want to give in too easily.

“Look who’s talking now?”  She smiled.

Silence, but she knew just what to do to make him turn around.  Slowly, she removed her lingerie.  Holding it in front of him, she threw it over his side of the bed.  Then off came the lace panties, and holding it really close to his face she threw it over the bed as well.

“Not impressed!” his voice muffled as he hid his grin in the pillow.  She sure knew how to tease him.  Life would be interesting with her beside him, he thought with a satisfied smirk.

Grinning to herself, she climbed over him, purposely rubbing her naked body on him.  “Excuse me while I pick up my clothes.”

When she finally stood beside the bed, she bent down slowly to pick up her panties.  Standing in full view of him, she made a big show of putting on the lacy scrap.  But before she could even get a leg into the underwear, he made a grab for her waist and brought her down on him, his body feverish with the heightened sensation she aroused in him.


“How are the kids?” Urs asked over the long distance call.

“They’re good.  You know they are, all of them daddy’s kids,” Sam laughed.  He had been a wonderful father, being firm and yet loving at the same time with the children.  Though he had never been away for such a long time at a stretch, they had adapted well to that and even Grace, who always clung on to him, was taking his absence very well.  Of course, the tree house helped keep all three occupied.

“What about mommy?  Miss me?”

“Yes, daddy, mommy misses you very much.”

“Good, cos I have something for you.”  He and the guys had gone shopping that afternoon. He and Sebastien had each bought their wives a very nice dress, toiletries and he even bought Sam a beautiful diamond bangle, while Sebastien got Ginny a beautiful sapphire pendant.

“You in your sexy red briefs are all I need.”

He chuckled.  “Really?  Two more days and you’ll have your wish granted.”

“Seems like a lifetime to me.”

“What can I do for you right now?  Do you want some phone sex?”

“Urs!  Where did you learn that from?  Carlos?  Seb?  Don’t tell me it’s David!”  She was really surprised that her husband would suggest something so kinky.  It just didn’t sound like her Swiss.

He laughed, “None of the above.  Just teasing you.”

“You’re getting naughty.  What have you been up to?”

“Dreaming about you in your sexy red satin lingerie and the little matching red panties.  And how I’ll be removing them one by one, and starting from the top right down to the bottom, I’m going to cover you with kisses,” he said slowly and with such huskiness that she felt her face burn and her toes curl.

“Urs, what are you trying to do to me?”

“No more than what you’ve been doing to me all this while,” he chuckled.  “Are you in our room?”


“Lying in bed?”


“What are you wearing?”

“That sexy red satin lingerie with the little matching red panties.”  Her turn to chuckle.

“Wait till I get home, the scraps you’re wearing might not be worth washing,” he warned.

“Promises, promises,” she teased.  Then feeling as if she couldn’t take any more of the kinky talk, she asked him what he really had been up to.

“Nothing much,” he smiled as he replied.  He could never get tired of teasing her about sex.   He went on to tell her how he had been accosted by an over zealous fan who somehow managed to run up to him and tried to kiss him.  Luckily he was with a security guy who immediately disentangled the girl from him and dragged her away.

She chuckled.  “Told you your looks would get you into trouble one of these days.”

Then there was this note stuck on his hotel room door.  The writer offered to take good care of him if he had any health issues.

“If you took up that offer, a five carat diamond ring wouldn’t even buy you entry into the driveway,” Sam jokingly threatened.

“Liebling, you know I only love you and you’re the only one I want.”  It was spoken so softly and tenderly that Sam felt herself melting.

“And I love you, too, Urs.  Have you heard anything from David about his wedding?”  She was curious how David felt about not being able to plan his own wedding.  From what Claire had told her of their conversation regarding the wedding plan, it seemed to her that Claire had practically shoved the plan down his throat, but she understood where Claire was coming from.  Trying to plan a secret wedding wasn’t easy and would never work if David kept asking questions about it, so she was glad that Claire had managed to get David to agree to her arrangements, albeit a little reluctantly.

“Well, he said he left it all up to Claire to plan.  He just had to make sure to turn up at the wedding.  Strange, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, well, that practically saves him the trouble of going through another traumatic time of remembering what had happened to his first wedding plan.”  She hoped her husband wouldn’t suspect anything with that little information.

“So is she going to spring a surprise wedding on him?”

“I’m sure she’ll tell him when she had it all sorted out.”  She hoped he would leave it at that.

“Sure you don’t know anything about it?”

“Urs, are you calling me a liar?”

“No, I would never do that.”

“Thank you.  Remember, sexy red briefs when you’re back.”

His rumbling laughter over the phone nearly caused her knees to buckle.  “Your wish is my command.”

3 thoughts on “Chapters 27 & 28”

  1. Gotta love the ladies and the way they handled Felix! Don’t think he’ll be bothering Joann any time soon, especially if the girls are around.
    Another surprise wedding, yippee! Good idea and it will save David from remembering what happened with Sandra.
    Naughty talk between the Buhlers on the phone, neither can wait to be together again.
    Loving this as much this time as the first time around Judy. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Carol. Only 4 more chapters to go 🙂

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