KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 3…Exploring the grounds and Lunch

Part 3 – Exploring the grounds and Lunch

After a short rest, we all headed out the cottage for a little exploration.  It was still too early for lunch, probably only around 10am (Batam is behind Singapore by 1 hour).  It was very warm so we took a leisurely walk, trying not to work up a sweat but it was impossible.

When we first arrived at the venue by the mini van, we saw a huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy.  So that was our first destination as we set off on our exploration.  The statue was magnificent, standing at 22.37m high.  There was a temple built next to it and people are allowed to burn incense and pray.

As typical Chinese, the moment the number 2237 was seen, thoughts of buying 4D (Singapore 4 digit lottery) came to mind.  We all chipped in and bought the number, hoping to strike it rich so we could all come back again.  No such luck though since the number 2237 didn’t appear on the Saturday and Sunday 4D results.  Oh well…

After the temple, we walked down the path and saw some nice sculptures and Lina took pictures of us along the way.  We had to stop at the only kiosk that sells snacks and ice-creams.  I can’t believe how cheap the Magnum ice-creams are, about half of what we pay in Singapore!  Then we headed to the Spa Villa, which was built on stilts above the sea.  The whole walkway leading to the spa rooms are made of wooden planks and some of the planks are worn out and needed repairs.  We were careful not to trip lest we ended up in the water below.

The spa rooms face the sea.  The walkway connecting the rooms faces the Sea Front Villas that are built to the side of the hill and are single rooms big enough for only 2 people. In between these rooms and the Spa Villa is a lagoon.  It was low tide when we first arrived but water was slowly covering the exposed sand as the day wore by.

We reconfirmed our spa and treatment bookings with the lady who took care of our tour booking.  She was there at the Spa Villa when we arrived, a very nice and friendly lady.  It was 2pm for the guys (or LTBs) to have their foot reflexology, and head, shoulder and neck massage.  For us, the LZBs, we start at 2:30pm for our 180mins Romantic Spa Package (foot bath,  body scrub, body mask, hydro bath & full body massage).  We had time to kill before this so off we went to the hotel lobby to see if we could have an early lunch.

The men had a game of pool before lunch while we sat and admired the sea view.  I was looking out at the sea when I saw something floating on the surface.  It looked like a big styrofoam box at first, bobbing in and out of the water surface.  Then it appeared, a head, then part of the body leapt out of the water.  It’s a dolphin!  I shouted and ran towards the edge of the restaurant to take a closer look, my sisters following close behind me.  I kept pointing to where the dolphin was swimming but they didn’t see it.  “Must be your bad eyesight,” someone said to me.  But it was a dolphin!

From then on we kept our eyes peeled on the sea.  Our table was right at the far end of the restaurant so we were effectively sitting out into the sea.  My sisters finally saw the elusive dolphin swimming back to the surface on the other side of the restaurant.  It swam away from us as motor boats passed by it.  We were sad to see it go but felt happy and lucky to have witnessed the dolphin on our first visit to Batam.  It was later during a chat with the owner of the Spa Villa that we found out that there are two families of dolphins seen near the resort, one being the common grey and white dolphins, the other the pink dolphins.  Both families have a papa, a mama and a baby dolphin.  The one we saw was clearly alone so perhaps it had gotten lost?  I hope not!

We ordered set lunch for 10 pax at around S$120.  There was chilli crab, stir-fried black pepper beef, sweet and sour sausage, fried rice and plain rice, fish, sambal vegetable, fruit platter and juice.  It wasn’t fantastic but it was alright.

To be continued…Spa and dinner next!

2 thoughts on “KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 3…Exploring the grounds and Lunch”

  1. Looks like you had a lovely relaxing holiday Judy xx

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time…Groups of people are always more fun…Pics are great…Love the statues…Can’t wait to hear about the spa TXs…Enjoy..

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