Japanese Garden

From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Garden,_Singapore)

Japanese Garden (Chinese: 星和园), also commonly known as Jurong Gardens and Seiwaen, is a park in Jurong East, Singapore, built in 1974 by Jurong Town Corporation.

It is built on an artificial island in the Jurong Lake area connected to the adjacent Chinese Garden island by bridge named the Bridge of Double Beauty.

…the Japanese Gardens are designed with a calmness to evoke inner peace and a meditative state. The styles and methods used for designing the garden are taken from Japan’s Muromachi period of 1392 – 1568 and the Azuchi–Momoyama period of 1568 – 1615.[2]

With its traditional arched bridges, 10 odd Tōrō stone lanterns, traditional house and rest house, ponds and gravel chipped pavings it faithfully recreates the traditional Japanese style.

Here are pictures of Japanese Garden: Jurong Lake: P1160454 P1160455

There is a golf course opposite: P1160456 P1160457P1160460

Two Caucasian women sat at the side of this hall that overlooked the lotus pond.  I ventured beyond here and found some beautiful red bridges over koi ponds. P1160461 P1160462 P1160463 P1160464 P1160465 P1160466 P1160467 P1160468 P1160469 P1160471

Tōrō stone lanterns…

P1160472 P1160473 P1160474 20131130_130350 20131130_130600 P1160475 P1160476

Getting closer to Chinese Garden…see the pagoda?

P1160477P1160478 P1160479 P1160480 P1160481

On the bridge linking both gardens…moving closer to my nightmare 😛 (read story https://judith4381.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/my-date-with-the-lightning-god/ in the home page)


See the sky?  It was a hot day but the sky was overcast.


Japanese Garden is one of the 10 sundials placed around Singapore to promote interest in Science, and it represents the planet Venus while Chinese Garden represents Earth. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Garden,_Singapore)


Beautifully maintained bonsai…

P1160485 P1160486

The name of the bridge linking the gardens (Bridge of Double Beauty):



3 thoughts on “Japanese Garden”

  1. Hi Judith, this is Jian Xuan, a journalist from the Straits Times. I’m currently working on a story about the history and future of Chinese and Japanese Gardens, as there are plans to extensively spruce up the area. Found your blog while doing a search online and read with interest your experiences there.

    Would you be free to talk more about your memories and views of the area, as a long-time Taman Jurong resident who has visited these two gardens? Do let me know. You can reach me at jianxuan@sph.com.sg

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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