Andre Rieu & young violinist, Akim Camara

I am sure many of you know who Andre Rieu is.  But do you know Akim Camara?  Well, here’s a video of the little boy at 3-year-old performing with the maestro, and the maestro telling the little story of how Akim came to be a violinist.


If he can play like that in just a few short months, imagine what he will be like in the future as he is being nurtured to be the great musician that he can be.   Maybe one day he will find himself performing alongside David Garrett, too!

Here’s another clip taken 2 years later when he was 5 in 2007…


Oh, I just have to add this one taken in 2009…

He just keeps getting better and better!


7 thoughts on “Andre Rieu & young violinist, Akim Camara”

  1. I like the Dance of Fairies better

  2. Beyond amazing…Good thing mom listened and took him seriously…

  3. God has mad some beautiful and talented creatures…human beings!! To hear and see this kid play is some wonderful and send shivers through me. It is true indeed that GOD made Man “a little lower than the Angels”!

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