KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 1…Departure

Part 1 – Departure

The day of our spa adventure had finally arrived!  Woke up at 4 plus on Saturday morning, left the house at 5:45am to pick sis Stef and her hubby, Kok.  Made our way to sis Lina’s place where we all piled into her hubby’s (Raymond) combi.  Off we headed to Harbourfront Centre where sis Irene and hubby, Steven, were already having breakfast at Han’s.  Alvin, Raymond’s school buddy joined us later.

After breakfast, us LZB’s (Lau Za Bor – Old Women) had a frantic search for a clean washroom.  It was too early and the cleaners hadn’t started work yet so most washrooms were in a mess.  We had to visit 3 different washrooms to find one that was clean.

Then off we went to queue up at customs clearance.  By the time we got to the departure hall, it was already quite crowded.  It was a weekend and with Tuesday being a public holiday (Labour Day), many, like me and Irene, took Monday off from work to make it a super long weekend.  It was a 30 to 45 minutes wait before we could board the ferry.

Here are some pics of us at the departure hall and on board the Jet Raider.  It rained when we set sail.  We were in the lower deck where it wasn’t so crowded so Kok could make himself comfortable on the seats.  It was a first visit to Batam for me and hubby so we were quite excited.  We made out Kusu Island in the distance, the Sentosa Cove (where the super rich live) on Sentosa Island and what Lina said was Sisters Island.  Things looked especially promising when we saw a rainbow across the sky after the rain.  It followed us all the way to the Sekupang Ferry Terminal in Batam.

Ah…life is good!

Part 2 coming up…

2 thoughts on “KTM Resort and Spa Villa – Part 1…Departure”

  1. great pics…you guys look like you are really ready for a good time…anxious to see and hear more..

  2. How good or you to have your family with you for this spa break. Enjoy xx

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