Hong Kong – Day 3 Disneyland!


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Day 3 we woke up early thinking that we could have breakfast at the Australia Milk Company, a place famous for the doubled-boiled milk.  However, when we got there, it was closed so we picked one of the two tea houses opposite from there.  As with most small eateries, the tables are limited so you have to eat and go, no sitting down for small talk…

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Hong Kong – Day 2 Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha


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On the 2nd day, we woke up fairly early and had a quick breakfast at the hotel dining room.  It was buffet style with limited selection of food but it filled us up so no complaints!

We had a pleasant walk in the other direction (different from the first day), choosing to take the MTR at Nam Cheong Station instead of Sham Shui Po Station.  We passed by housing flats and a school, the weather was cool and it was like walking in an air-conditioned room.  With my expert sisters guiding, we got to Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car station without any problem at all.  We were early so the queue wasn’t long.  The counters weren’t even open yet and by the time they opened, the queue had stretched far behind us…


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Hong Kong – Day 1 The Peak


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The first place we visited was The Peak.  It was almost late afternoon when we left the hotel.  We had to walk about 10 minutes to the nearest subway station (either Nam Cheong Station or Sam Shui Po Station).

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The Peak5


Il Divo Amor y Pasion 2016


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Il Divo released an album late last year, titled Amor y Pasion.  The album is a compilation of popular Latin classics and the songs are all sung in Spanish, a deviation from all their other albums which consist of songs in a few different languages.  When the tour to promote the album was announced, I was gutted that Singapore wasn’t on the list of cities they would perform in.  Then suddenly, Hype Records Singapore announced that Il Divo would perform at the Star Performance Arts Centre on the 4th of April.  Yippee!


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Halloween Horror Night 5 at the Universal Studios Singapore


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Posted a write-up of my first Halloween Horror Night at the Universal Studios Singapore on my 2nd blog site: https://justrambling2.wordpress.com/singapore/universal-studios-singapore-halloween-horror-night-5/


Taipei Trip – Taipei Leechi Sun Cakes and Shilin Night Market


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Day 3 of Taipei trip…

Taipei Trip – Taipei Leechi Sun Cakes and Shilin Night Market.